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Sleep: the Non-Negotiable Pillar of Wellbeing

  • Partners in Resilience 1409 Willow Street suite 210 Minneapolis, MN USA (map)

Do you fall asleep easily?
Do you sleep through the night?
Do you wake feeling rested and refreshed?
Do you wake feeling rested and refreshed?
Is your energy more or less steady throughout the day?

Sleep is the central lifestyle measure for the brain, mood and overall health, yet many are unable to achieve normal, restorative patterns of sleep, even with the help of medications. Sleep is also one of the main requirements for recovering fully from depression, anxiety or other illnesses.

Topics include:

·       The science of sleep-what does it do for us?

·       Sleep physiology and why diet sets the stage for normal sleep patterns.

·       Daily rhythms and how choices you make throughout the day influence sleep at night.

·       Summary of medications used for sleep and effective natural alternatives

·       Strategies for calming the unsettled mind

Join Henry Emmons and Carolyn Denton for this half-day workshop on why sleep is so important, and how to improve your own sleep.

Partners in Resilience
1409 Willow Street, Suite 210
Minneapolis, MN 55403

Henry Emmons, Integrative Psychiatrist
Carolyn Denton, Licensed Nutritionist


Cost: $80.00