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Taking in the Good: Creating New Pathways to Joy

In a very real sense, we are what we experience. Our sense of ourselves, our ideas and expectations, our very lives are all created as we experience daily life. Unfortunately, we humans seem to be wired for tuning in to the negative. We’re often hyper-focused on what’s wrong, not what’s right, with our lives.  

This “negativity bias” makes our minds “like Velcro for the negative and Teflon for the positive,” as someone has said. In this half-day experiential workshop we will explore and practice techniques for “taking in the good” from Rick Hanson, author of Hardwiring Happiness: the New Brain Science of Contentment, Calm and Confidence (Harmony Books)By training our attention to focus on and soak up what’s pleasant, affirming, and positive in our daily lives, we can build reservoirs of positive experience that profoundly affect our moods, resilience, and capacity for joy. 

You’ll learn:

·      How to understand your brain’s “negativity bias” and how to counter it by creating neural networks that support resilience and well-being.

·      How to build your inner resources by using a simple three-step process for having, enriching, and absorbing positive experiences.

·      How to use these resources to build your sense of security, positive mood, strength, self-worth, and contentment…literally “hardwiring happiness” into the brain

Facilitator: Susan Bourgerie, MA, LP.  
Susan specializes in applying Buddhist psychology and mindfulness practices to her work as a psychotherapist. She is co-founder of Loring Psychotherapy & Mindfulness Center, and a founding member of Partners in Resilience. Susan has twenty-plus years of experience in meditation and psychotherapy and a deep appreciation for the power of attention to create joy in daily living.