We Are Partners In Resilience 

We offer workshops and one-on-one sessions to help with stress-related conditions like anxiety and depression. 

Our work is guided by the belief that resilience is our essential nature, woven into our being as a natural capacity to restore and recover, so that we can experience the joy and well being that are our birthright.

Much of human suffering originates in
the body, due to physical imbalances and toxicity;
the mind, when it is conditioned and unsettled;  
the heart, in the form of separation from our inner self, from others, or from a source of deeper meaning for our lives.

We believe that transformative change involves the whole person, and that healing can come about through physical, mental, and spiritual means, woven together. The process of transformation doesn’t mean you have to embark on a major self-improvement project. Small changes over time will lead to great results.

The foundation of this transformation is acceptance of self, of others, and of life as it is.

Everyone can grow in their capacity for joy and deepen their sense of connectedness with a source of wisdom, acceptance, generosity, and love.

We get best at what we practice regularly, and we can organize that practice by constantly cultivating the Nine Pathways to Resilience. You can learn more about the Pathways in our upcoming workshops:

We’ve presented our work to thousands of people in a wide variety of settings – corporations, colleges, churches, and nonprofits. We’ve trained hundreds of mental health professionals in the foundations of our resilience model, and developed a Resilience-Based Training and Consultation Group for professionals.

We’ve also developed and delivered a variety of complementary workshops on topics essential to living resiliently – recovery from shame, self-acceptance and compassion, and living mindfully. Our seasonal one-day retreats create opportunities for renewal, reflection, and connection in relaxed settings. 

The Chemistry of Joy Workbook, published by New Harbinger Press, captures the essentials of our resilience-based, integrative approach to the treatment of depression and anxiety. We’ve presented a 10-week course based on the Workbook to hundreds of people, and we’ve recorded meditations to accompany the Workbook, too.

Learn more about our books, audios, and other products.

– Henry Emmons and Carolyn Denton