Talks by Henry Emmons, MD

Restoring Resilience:  Blending Science and Wisdom to Sustain a Healthy Mind, Mood, and Heart
Over the past few decades the rates of depression and anxiety in this country have increased steadily. They’re now rising rapidly worldwide as well.  What has eroded our natural ability to bounce back from adversity? What are the preventable causes of anxiety and depression? And what can be done to regain resilience and sustain it throughout a lifetime? From his perspective as an integrative psychiatrist, Dr. Emmons will take a broad, fresh look at these questions. He will outline the historical and current factors that undermine resilience, and survey the scientific discoveries that provide hope even to those who have dealt with years of illness. He’ll discuss the core factors in resilience, their scientific basis, and how they can help people achieve greater vitality, equanimity, openness, and connection.

The Chemistry of Calm: Cultivating Resilience in a Stress-Filled World
Anxiety disorders are far and away the most common mental illnesses in America, affecting nearly 1 in 5 adults in any given year. That’s over 40 million people per year with a diagnosable anxiety condition – and it doesn’t include those whose suffering doesn’t quite cross the threshold into illness. Dr. Emmons will explore the anxiety epidemic as a breakdown in resilience, our ability to bounce back from negative experiences. He’ll discuss the core factors in resilience and offer specific nutrients, lifestyle changes, and inner practices that can return anyone to a state of greater calm and equanimity.  

Spirituality and Depression: Healing Our Deepest Relationships
Depression affects every aspect of what it means to be human. This includes the inner life, and our deepest relationships with ourselves, with others, and with the universal or spiritual, however we may define it. Dr. Emmons will explore the impacts that depression and anxiety have on the whole person, with emphasis on the soul and spirit. He’ll discuss the genuine hope for recovery from these and other stress-related conditions that arises when therapy addresses the whole person. And he will outline the Nine Pathways to Resilience, an approach that blends effective natural therapies with the psychology of mindfulness and inner spiritual practices.

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