Welcome to Partners in Resilience, where we are committed to supporting “Resilience Across the Lifespan”.

Resilience is our nature. It is literally woven into our DNA.  We are naturally self-correcting, able to withstand stress, hardship, and loss while we keep going, more or less successfully living our complex lives.  Yet many of us find this ability to right ourselves diminishing over time as the challenges of life pile on and we seem to bounce back less and less fully.  Often this manifests as depression, anxiety or the many other faces of stress gone awry.  Many people turn to medication, therapy or other measures that may help, but often fail to fully restore those birthright gifts of balance, meaningful connections and joy—the elements of a resilient life.

We believe that this can be accomplished by attending to the 9 Pathways to Resilience.  We offer programs and services, such as consultations and workshops, along with books, recordings, and other products and information intended to support all of who you are – body, mind, and soul – so that you can restore mood, regain balance, and rediscover joy.

Henry Emmons, MD

Partners in Resilience
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