Teen Resilience Program




 Increasing resilience skills


A 6-week program for teens in high school


Next program will be in the fall of 2017


The Teen Resilience Program is an integrative skills-based model to help teens and parents to develop self-awareness and skills to enhance social, physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being. This program is based on The Chemistry of Joy Workbook and integrates the best of movement, nutrition and the psychology and practice of mindfulness to help teenagers and parents develop resilience skills. This is a six-week program especially developed for adolescents, grades 9-12.


The next group will be offered in the fall of 2017 and will be facilitated by Lynda Richtsmeier Cyr, PhD and Rebecca Kajander, CPNP, MPH. In this group, teens will learn skills to decrease stress about school, friends, homework and grades; manage emotions and increase positive feelings and connections.

Location: TBD

When: TBD

Time: TBD

Facilitators: Lynda Richtsmeier Cyr, PhD and Rebecca Kajander CPNP, MPH

Questions: Contact Lynda Richtsmeier Cyr at lrcphd@gmail.com