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Henry Emmons, MD


henry emmons

Our goal is to help you restore the elements of a resilient life.  That begins with a clear understanding of where you are now, and what has led you to this moment.  As an integrative psychiatrist, I offer consultations that go well beyond the usual psychiatric assessment.  Working together, we will discover the most likely sources of imbalance or depletion, and create a comprehensive plan for restoring mood and regaining balance.  Recommendations may include an opinion as to whether medications are helping or making things worse, and expert advice regarding use of nutritional supplements and other natural therapies.  I can also offer a few follow up sessions. Optional next steps may include nutritional or resilience coaching offered by one of our experienced trainers, or referral for ongoing care to one of the nurse clinicians who work in our practice. 

Please note that it is not always possible for me to provide ongoing psychiatric care.  If needed, you will continue working with your own psychiatrist, or one of the nurse clinicians who work with me.
I offer consultations in person or via telephone or video conferencing.

INITIAL CONSULTATION                            $400.00         Make your payment now via PayPal
FOLLOW-UP CONSULTATIONS                 $175.00         Make your payment now via PayPal

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Carolyn Denton, MA, LN

carolyn dentonIntegrative nutrition focuses on the relationship between the food we eat and how the body functions. Integrative nutrition attempts to identify multiple, underlying influences such as inflammation, hormonal imbalances, faulty digestion, poor sleep and the balance of energy that often sabotage health.

By assessing personal and family health history and current nutrient intake as they relate to these influencing saboteurs, Carolyn can make recommendations tailored to your specific needs. Interventions go well beyond calories and fat and are aimed at informed dietary choices to promote balance and healing.

Whether your goal is to address a specific health issue or simply establish healthy eating patterns nutritional coaching can give you a new view.

Sessions offered in person, by phone or video conferencing.
INITIAL CONSULTATION                      $150.00                       Make your payment now via PayPal
FOLLOW-UP CONSULTATION:            $100.00                      Make your payment now via PayPal

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Susan Bourgerie, MA, LP and Sandra Kacher, LICSW

susan bourgeriesandra kacherWhether you are just beginning on your path to resilience or have traveled with us along some of the way via Pathways to Resilience, or reading The Chemistry of JoyThe Chemistry of Calm, or The Chemistry of Joy Workbook, we are here to support you in your exploration.

Although we believe that resilience is our nature, we also know that for many of us, conditions along the way have obscured our innate resilience and created hurdles to our ability to access, restore and enjoy it.

Working with one of us, you can create a plan that identifies and addresses your particular vulnerabilities, whether they be biochemical, nutritional, psychological or spiritual.  Of course, we will also help you to identify “what’s not wrong” and so build on resilience skills that are already present.  And we are available in an ongoing way to support you in following through.

We offer  services in person, or via telephone, video-conferencing, and email.  If you are interested in addressing these issues in psychotherapy as opposed to coaching you may contact either of us directly.  Your work may then be covered by your insurance.  For more information on our psychotherapy practice visit our website at

Resilience Coaching Initial Assessment Session
During this initial session, we will assess your current resiliency status and create a plan for ongoing work that you can do on your own or with our guidance.

Resilience Coaching Sessions – Follow Up 30 minutes
If you wish support and guidance in implementing your initial plan we offer ongoing coaching to help you stay on track, refine your goals, deal with resistance, and stay motivated.

INITIAL ASSESSMENT                                  $175.00   Make your payment now via PayPal
FOLLOW UP SESSIONS – 30 minutes         $75.00    Make your payment now via PayPal

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