Resilience is essential to a joyful life.

When you have a deep source of resilience and skills to maintain it, you are able to adapt to change, face challenges, and deal with life’s inevitable stresses. We have created a series of meditations to be used as practices for daily living, a path to opening to inner wisdom or as a companion to the Chemistry of Joy Workbook.
The meditations are design to help create resilience, to strengthen emotional skills and to deepen your connection with Body, Mind and Heart.

The meditations are intended to be used by anyone, regardless of experience with meditation.
Meditations Include:

Disc One

Just a Minute Meditation
Walking Meditation
Seated Meditation
Sensing Emotion
Healing the Rejected Self

Disc Two

Loving Kindness
Heart Opening
Cultivating a Generous Heart

(The CD is available digitally as a compressed file, containing 9 Meditations and an Introductory Track. Once decompressed, the tracks will be playable using any audio player on your computer, like iTunes or Microsoft Media player, and can be transferred to your handheld device using accepted methods based on your device.)


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