Assessment Tools

Sub-Types of Depression Depression comes in a variety of forms, and determining which type you are experiencing helps to develop a more specific and effective approach to treatment.

Identifying Your BodyMind Type Knowing your natural BodyMind type can guide the design of your approach to developing your innate resilience.

Serotonin Deficiency Assessment QuestionnaireThis deficiency is related to an anxious depression, which is among the most common of types.

Dopamine-Norepinephrine Deficiency QuestionnaireDo you have a dopamine deficiency?  This questionnaire will help you answer that question.

Dopamine-Norepinephrine Excess Questionnaire Do you have an excess of dopamine/norepinephrine?

Emotional Reactivity Questionnaire We all have our most common patterns of reacting to stress.  This questionnaire will give you insight into yours.

Rate Your Diet A tool for assessing the quality of your diet and identifying changes that can make your body and mind more resilient.

Resilience Skills Questionnaire